Full Stack Software Engineer (Go / Vue)

Full Time, Boulder Colorado

Scratch Kitchen is hiring a full stack software engineer to build a cloud platform that sits at the intersection of digital and food technologies.


Scratch Kitchen | Full Stack Software Engineer | Go, Vue | Boulder, CO | Full Time | $140k-160k + equity | Health, Dental, Vision

This is a unique early-stage startup opportunity to join an experienced team of cloud technology (SendGrid - IPO, Acquisition) and restaurant & food infrastructure (Green Chef - Acquisition) experts who are building a unique, on-demand digital food hall business.

We are leveraging cloud / SaaS technology to create unfair competitive advantages in an industry that has been traditionally stagnant, unsophisticated, and technology adverse.

We have done extensive due-diligence and believe our entry into the market is perfectly timed to take advantage of a change in consumer preferences as well as the availability of on-demand delivery infrastructure.

The restaurant industry is one of the final frontiers to be influenced by technology. This change is happening now and there is a significant opportunity at hand to lead and be a part of that revolution.

Candidate Profile:

We’re looking for a software engineer that has written and deployed production SaaS code. You are full stack, meaning:

  • You’ve designed and written back-end APIs in a modern systems language (we use Go) and have gone well beyond basic CRUD and scaffolding, having written significant business logic to integrate systems and process data.
  • You have written user-facing front-end pages in a reactive javascript framework (we use Vue) that consume back-end APIs and services in a dynamic, scalable, and secure manner.
  • You are confident in your abilities to model a problem domain, design database schemas, and deploy a reliable service on modern cloud infrastructure
  • You believe in testing your code, maintaining reproducible development environments.

You have worked in an early-stage startup, are compatible with an environment of uncertainty, you can self-guide and prioritize your work, and take initiative without explicit direction.

You are pragmatic and can make organizational, product, and interpersonal decisions that make a positive, lasting impact to the business as it grows.

Our Philosophy:

We love food, we love technology, and we love building systems. But at the end of the day what we’re most excited about is improving the physical and mental wellbeing of everyone who’s impacted by what we build. We want to not only solve problems for our patrons, but also create moments of delight around uncompromising meals. We want to build thriving teams and healthy relationships with partners. And we understand that our well-being is inextricably connected to the wellbeing of our environment.

These issues are personally important to us, so we want to maximize our impact. That’s why we’re not just opening a restaurant, we’re building a better system from scratch—one which address sourcing, prep, marketing, delivery, and more. Our system is designed to scale so that our impact can scale, improving well-being for as many people as possible.

Job Details

Develop cloud platform APIs and web applications to create a modern, digitally native, food hall experience.

  • Location
    • Boulder, Colorado
  • Job Type
    • Full time
  • Date Posted
    • 10/12/2019
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